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Usmanpura Imaging Centre

MRI is the most accurate and ZERO RADIATION Modality!! Having said that, pregnant women and children can also get MRIs done without any doubt.
Who cannot do MRI? Patients with pacemakers, hearing aids / cochlear implants, neuro or bio transmitters, Insulin pump implants need to consult their doctors and as well as radiologists to understand the limitations and precautions.

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Knee MRI scan

Protocol, Positioning and Planning

We provide headphones to the patient to avoid noise discomfort. We also hand over a Buzzer to the patient so he/she can press it to express any discomfort during the scan, and we can reach out, though our technician or attendant is there throughout the procedure. Even inside the magnetic tunnel we constantly maintain contact with the patient. We monitor the patient from the console room through the glass.

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