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Usmanpura imaging is a 40 years old centre , in the heart of the city , very approachable from any corner of Ahmedabad. When it comes to imaging the most important thing is the technology, We have the latest 2021 upgraded technology to serve its patient the best of the diagnostics services .

MRI & CT Scan Technician Course

The course covers the essentials of theoretical studies and clinical practice needed to become a Radiology technician capable to perform diagnostic imaging examinations such as X-Rays, CT scan, MRI scan on patients. After completing the course, students will have a wide scope of jobs in private and Government hospitals, private clinics, radiology lab.


X-ray technicians, also known as radiologic technologists, are medical support professionals who specialize in the operation of x-ray equipment. Before a procedure, x-ray technicians meet with the patient to discuss their medical history and answer any questions they might have. Then, they position the patient and the equipment in a way that protects patient safety, and they take images of all parts of the body that the doctor requested. Afterward, technicians may discuss the images with the ordering physician to determine if they are clear enough, or if more images are necessary for the doctor to make a diagnosis and/or develop a treatment plan for the patient. Between procedures, technicians maintain x-ray equipment to ensure that it is in good working order.

Who is it for?

Eligibility Criteria

Our X-ray & Imaging Technology course is ideal for Science Graduate students who wish to learn the use of X-ray and imaging tools to help diagnose patient illnesses or injuries.

How does it help?

Technical Expertise

Our Imaging Technology course includes theory classes along with practical training on how to use the X-ray, MRI, CT Scan & Mammography, Dexa Scan and other medical equipment so as to become Imaging Technician.

More Details..

    Certificate radiography courses are not as valuable or detailed as their Degree and Diploma counterparts. But certificate courses are pretty short, when it comes to course duration. They also help acquire key radiography technician skills. Such a course can help one get entry level technician job at diagnostic labs. Certificate in X-Ray Technology, Certificate in Diagnostic Radiography and Certificate in Radiography Technician are some of the popular certificate courses related to the field of radiography, which are available in India.

Course Duration :

  • 2 years with Internship.

Admission Process :

  • Personal Interview.
  • Previous experience of X-Ray or CT
  • Scan technicians will be preferred
  • Registration fees: Nil

Batch Strength :

  • 20 Students per batch

Roles and Responsibilities Associated

With Radiology Technician Jobs

  • Explaining various procedures to the patients and answering their questions,

  • Preparing examination rooms for patients as per their diagnosis.Carefully monitoring patients during examinations

  • Ability to document information using computers, Preparing equipment for use as required.

  • 100% Job Placement Guarantee. Job Placement Training. we offers the Best Job Placement Training and is globally-recognized in Ahmedabad.

Career Prospects And Job Opportunities

Radiology Technician

  •    Qualified radiographers are in huge demand

  •    Government and private sector job opportunities

  •    Higher Salary and better growth

Why Usmanpura Imaging Centre

Salary Comparison

₹ 30,000
₹ 18,000.00

Earn While You Learn

Our Stipend

First 3 months :
₹ 5,000
Next 3 months :
₹ 10,000
Next 6 months :
₹ 12,000
Next 1 year :
₹ 17,000
Followed by Placement

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