CT Coronary Angiography A Comprehensive Guide to Your Heart Health

  • Welcome to Top Centre Usmanpura Imaging, your trusted destination for cutting-edge medical imaging services in Ahmedabad. We specialize in CT Coronary Angiography, a vital diagnostic procedure that provides detailed insights into your heart's health. Understanding what this procedure entails, its benefits, and what to expect can significantly alleviate any concerns you may have.

What is CT Coronary Angiography?

CT Coronary Angiography is a non-invasive imaging test that uses advanced technology to capture detailed images of the blood vessels supplying the heart. It involves the use of a CT scanner to produce cross-sectional images, allowing healthcare professionals to detect and diagnose conditions affecting the coronary arteries.

How Does CT Coronary Angiography Work?

During the procedure, a contrast dye is injected into a vein in the arm, which highlights the blood vessels in the heart. The CT scanner captures multiple X-ray images as the dye moves through the coronary arteries. These images are reconstructed by a computer to create a detailed view of the heart's blood vessels, aiding in the identification of any blockages or abnormalities.

When Is CT Coronary Angiography Used?

CT Coronary Angiography is employed to assess various heart conditions, including identifying blockages, determining the extent of coronary artery disease, evaluating congenital heart abnormalities, and planning treatments like stent placement or bypass surgery.

What Are The Risks of CT Coronary Angiography?

While generally safe, risks associated with CT Coronary Angiography include exposure to radiation and potential allergic reactions to the contrast dye. However, these risks are minimal and are carefully monitored by our experienced medical team.

What Should I Expect When Having CT Coronary Angiography?

Before the procedure, you'll receive detailed instructions, including fasting requirements and information about any medications you may need to adjust. During the test, you'll lie on a table that moves into the CT scanner. It's essential to remain still to ensure clear imaging.

Before The CT Coronary Angiogram Procedure

Prior to the procedure, you may be advised to avoid eating or drinking for a few hours. Inform our team about any allergies, existing health conditions, or medications you're taking, especially if you have kidney problems or diabetes.

During The CT Coronary Angiogram Procedure

Our skilled technologists will guide you through the process, positioning you comfortably and explaining each step. You might experience a warming sensation when the contrast dye is injected. The scanner will rotate around you to capture images, which takes a few seconds.

After The CT Coronary Angiogram Procedure

Once the test is complete, you can usually resume your normal activities. The images will be reviewed by a specialized radiologist, and the results will be shared with your referring physician for further analysis.

Benefits of CT Coronary Angiogram

CT Coronary Angiography provides a non-invasive means of assessing heart health, offering detailed images without the invasiveness of traditional angiography. It's efficient in detecting potential issues, guiding treatment plans, and enhancing patient outcomes.

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